How Can I Track My EMS Number?

Recently, we are frequently asked how to tracking information of the EMS number. We usually provide the tracking information from our online services, since the EMS site is in Chinese and it’s not friendly to get the tracking information. But we’d also like to share with you the procedure, so you don’t have to wait online.

You’ll receive email from us, when your order is proceed. Click this tracking link you will enter into this page. You can use translation application to help you understand more, or you can fill in the tracking number starting with ‘EMS’, click the blue button to continue.

EMS has anti-spam checking, you can click and drag the button to match a full image.

You will get the current status of your delivery, or you can click the green button to know the detailed track.

If you are told no detailed tracking information yet, that means the package is still in China now. However, you can still check the status from

You can click and copy the track number from the first box highlighted in yellow and paste it to to get the detailed information of your tracking. That site has multi-languages support, you can choose your preferred language in the bottom right corner to know better of the current tracking.

Questions and Answers

1. Why MiaoMiao use EMS for delivery?

A: Even EMS doesn’t have English support, but EMS avoids most of the custom duties, or EMS will ask us to pay the duties in advance. DHL will always report the local custom for the custom check.

2. Why some of the other countries delivered by DHL, why not EMS?

A: EMS works with different national postal services in different countries, some countries postal services doesn’t deliver electric devices with batteries, so we have to change to DHL.

3. Why we received the EMS tracking number and can’t find the tracking information?

A: The EMS number is only a serial number, like an order number. The real tracking actually is the number starts with AZ or other letters, it changes when the package is delivered to different countries. But with the EMS number, you can get the real tracking number from their site, like the procedure above.

4. I don’t want to pay the high custom duties, can we change to other carrier?

A: Yes, you can choose PFC and leave a message on our online service. Don’t forget to mention your order # in your message. Currently, all packages to Turkey, Brazil and Russia by PFC by default. And for some countries, PFC is chosen if your package is not accepted by EMS and DHL too.

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