How to make Libre US 14 days, Libre2 and Libre1(14days & 10 days)sensors work with MiaoMiao2 on xDrip+

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3 min readOct 9, 2019
  1. Use your android phone to click the link below to download and install this apk file to update the Firmware version of MiaoMiao2 to version 7, MiaoMiao1 firmware version to 39. And this apk file can downgrade your firmware version too.
  2. Once the apk was installed, run the application and allow all of the permission.

4. Click ‘Search MIAOMIAO’ and you should see your MIAOMIAO in the list. Then click update, you will see the progress bar and wait until it finished.

5. Click the link below to download and install the OOPalgorithm apk file on your android phone, and make sure the app is running in the background(very important).

Note:Now above version 9 is unavailable for android system. Please do not update your android version to 9 or 10….

US 14 days sensor: please download the OOP apk file here.

Libre2 sensor/normal Libre1(14days&10days): Please download the OOP apk file here.

4 . Download the file below and Install this xDrip+ version on your android phone and follow the steps to finish the setup. Please use the version below only. We will notice you once there are more versions support MiaoMiao2 for US 14 days sensors.

5. Once you have this version of xDrip+ installed and OOPalgorithm running in the background, Start the xDrip+ app and make sure allow all of the permission.

6. Please ignore the tutorial when xDrip+ just started. Go to settings->less common settings->other misc options-> and set “OOP algorithm”

(optional) Go to NFC scan features-> enable scanning

7. In the homepage, follow the notices, choose Libre as the sensor type.

  • In the Bluetooth page, choose your MiaoMiao2.
  • Start a new sensor, answer ‘not today’ when you are asked by the popup.

Here is the video for the set up.

6. then you can use Libre US 14 days now. If it doesn’t work well, please reinstall your xDrip+ application and try again. Hope you can get it work, or contact us if you have any troubles.


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