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  1. What FreeStyle Libre sensors MiaoMiao2 supports?

MiaoMiao supports all Freestyle Libre sensors. For the detailed compatibility of all applications with different Libre sensors like xDrip+(Android), Glimp(Android), Tomato(Andorid & iOS) and Spike(iOS), please check the chart below.

2. What App we can use for MiaoMiao2?

Tomato: It supports MiaoMiao1 and MiaoMiao2 for Libre 1 and 2 sensors, you can download or review more information here

Information about the compatibility of xDrip+, Spike and Glimp:

3. Where we can find the user manuals:

You can scan the QR code on the MiaoMiao2 box, or you can download it from http://tomato.cool/miaomiao2/manual.pdf , we suggest you read it before you use it.

If you still have problems to use MiaoMiao2, you can ask directly our online services: online direct message, Facebook Messenger or send email to us.

4. How long does the shipment takes?

Most of the packages are delivered by DHL or EMS, depends on the different countries, the delivery time is different too. For most of the cities and countries, you can receive the package in 3–15 days. Check here for more information about our shipping.

5. How to scan your libre ?

When you wear MiaoMiao2, and when you scan with your Libre scanner, make sure that you scan your sensor with the area in the picture below.If still not working , pls try to use different angles to scan .

6. Do I have to buy a holder?

Currently, when you buy a MiaoMiao2, we give you a holder which worths $15.90 for free. You can choose either for adult or kid, the default is for adult, make sure you choose the correct one.

7. Is my referral link still working?

Yes, the same referral link works for both MiaoMiao1 and MiaoMiao2.

8. what should i do if i want to cancel order ?

You can always cancel your orders and ask for refund If your package didn’t send out. However, you can’t cancel your order once the package is sent out, but you may deny to receive it. When tracking shows ‘Returned to sender/shipper’, we will refund you .

9. Why my connection status is ‘Not Connected’ when I connect xDrip with MiaoMiao2?

That happens because you didn’t have the updated version of xDrip. Download the new version xDrip it can’t work with this one. Try to get the new version from here.

Some tips about this in our facebook group may help you too. Check it out.

The details of how to connect MiaoMiao1 and MiaoMiao2 with xDrip is here.

Community shares the video of how to connect on Youtube.

10.Which adaptor can be available for MiaoMiao cable?

Normal adaptor with USB interface (110v or 220v) can be available for MiaoMiao cable.

11.Do you need to change MiaoMiao frequently?

You can use MiaoMiao long time not need to change it every 14 day like Libre.MiaoMiao can work with your continuous update freestyle Libre, what’s more, MiaoMiao warranty is 12 months.

12.Should I take MiaoMiao off when I go swimming?

MiaoMiao1 and MiaoMiao2 are designed for IP67 waterproof, it’s ok if you are in water for a short time. However, we strongly recommend to use Kinesiotape to cover sensor and MiaoMiao, when you swim.

To learn more about MiaoMiao, please visit us:

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miaomiao reader

MiaoMiao Smart Reader for Freestyle Libre is a device that sends Continuous glucose readings every 5 minutes straight to your mobile phone or watch.